Charge anywhere you park

Introducing the ZipCharge Go: a new dimension in EV charging.

Charging is the main barrier
to EV adoption.

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People want to charge where they park - at home, overnight, yet around 40% of households can’t charge at home because they don't have off-street parking or they rent. Public charging, the only alternative, is inconvenient and expensive.

We believe this charging inequality has to end.

As seen in

ZipCharge Go portable EV charger
A ‘smart’ charger on wheels, no bigger than a compact suitcase, that is designed for simplicity, affordability and appeal  
The Go portable charger.
ZipCharge Go portable EV charger
The Go provides up to 20-40 miles of range (depending on the capacity and vehicle) - sufficient for everyday needs and enough for the average commute
Daily charging.

We democratise EV charging by taking the charger to your car, so you can charge no matter where you've parked.

About ZipCharge

ZipCharge Go portable EV charger
The Go is charged from any plug socket, then wheeled to your EV using the retractable handle where you plug it into the charge  port using a standard Type 2 cable
Charge anywhere.
ZipCharge Go portable EV charger
A full charge is delivered to your EV by the Go in approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on capacity and temperature 
Quick charging.
ZipCharge Go portable EV charger
Control everything via the intuitive Go app which auto schedules charging at the lowest cost, providing status updates and tracking
You're in charge.


Small and compact, the Go stows easily in the trunk of your vehicle for easy  transportation so you can charge anywhere you park 


Software automatically schedules charging at the lowest energy cost, taking advantage of 'time of use rates' to lower costs further


The Go will only cost the same as a fully installed home charger, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of home charging without penalty

The ZipCharge Go is a 'powerbank' for your EV that makes charging easier and more convenient everyday


ZipCharge Go portable EV charger
The Go works with any plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle with a Type 2 socket. It's a flexible and convenient charging solution if you don't have designated parking, if you rent or can't access a fixed charge point where you park
Plug-in vehicle owners.

Flexible EV charging for private owners, corporates and fleets that empowers everyone to drive an EV

Use cases

ZipCharge Go portable EV charger
Charge however you live - house, apartment or condo 
Plug-in when you arrive at work or charge in your lunch break
Family days-out, visiting friends & family, on travel away
Charge when running errands, at the shops or on appointments
ZipCharge Go portable EV charger

Pre-orders will open in 2022, sign up here to register your interest to purchase

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Our team

Deep technical and commercial automotive experience in EVs, batteries and charging.

Richie Sibal


Over 20 years in electronics, software and systems engineering and leadership at automotive OEMs including McLaren Automotive, LEVC/London Taxi, Lotus Sportscars and Gordon Murray Automotive

Jonathan Carrier
Jonathan Carrier


Over 20 years in product planning, commercial and strategy at automotive OEMs and start-ups including McLaren Automotive, JLR, Mazda, Fiat. Founded InMotion Ventures for JLR.

ZipCharge helps to lower the cost of charging and improve the supply of energy, for everyone.

Positive Impact


Intelligent software manages prices and carbon intensity, lowering costs and your footprint


By charging little, but often, you help balance the local grid and reduce peak demand

Clean energy storage

Store green energy off-peak and supply it back to the grid using our cloud-based software

The best way to charge an EV is when you don’t need to. Top-up charge wherever you park, to avoid the visit to the charging station

Power up

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Convenient access to charging for your fleet wherever it parks. Allow employees to charge overnight at home with the Go. Improve operating efficiency and lower costs by topping up and extending range during normal operations, eliminating the need to drive to a charge point and wait. 
Business fleets.